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Alternative abstract worlds and their inhabitants


Summer 2022 Collection

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Congratulations on a wonderful Spring 2022!

Spring Wonderland Collection

Congratulations on a wonderful Spring 2022!

Psychoactive Art Collection

It has long been noted that many of my paintings have some effect on the psyche.

I will try to combine some of the most striking artworks in this collection.

Glad to present a new Artwall collection of 4k videos, optimized for display on new TVs with NTF support.

Relaxing Collection New animated drop

In 2022, expect the start of sales of new animated items.
I plan to add at least 30 HD videos mp4 60fps.

The first week the price will be 0.05Eth. After - 0.1Eth.

Holders will receive one gift for each purchase.

Wishes are accepted in Discord.

New format:

Some new animated pics for
Extraform Collection
These paintings are a stream of creativity.
They give rise to the flow of life - feelings, emotions, sensations
and everything else...
Diving into it, everyone can find something interesting.
Desire to live, ideas, images, music, literature, scenarios etc - everything that creates
inspired imagination.

Youtube videos

Sergei Alexandrovich Motorin is an artist of Russian origin, whose work in no case can be linked to national frames, state boundaries, strict definitions of the genre inherent in traditional figurative painting.

One gets the impression that the formation of Motorin's original artistic method was more influenced by the originality of thinking and the circumstances of his biography than all the previous cultural heritage, the impact of which, although traced, is not something normalizing and dominating.

The direction of the fine arts in which Sergey Motorin works can be characterized as Abstractionism, or rather Abstract Expressionism.

Unlimited by the plot, Sergei Motorin's painting is in its purest form a painting of action. Differing from those abstract artists who prefer to deal with the reality we are accustomed to, transforming, decomposing and modifying it, Motorin prefers to create his own Universe, existing only according to his own laws.

His canvases show the transformation of matter, the world in dynamics, the continuity of becoming.

The viewer is given complete and unlimited freedom to interpret hidden and undetected images. One of the ways to look at these paintings is to feel that you are inside them, that your own space is as limitless as the space of an artistic design. Do these fantastic worlds exist? What are their hidden meanings? And isn't Motorin's art just a kind of litmus capable of showing the full depth of the viewer's subconsciousness?

Sergei Motorin did not follow the traditional path for artists from figurative to abstract art. And in this sense, he remains free from any framework and boundaries established by subject painting.

On the artist's canvases there is no composition, in its usual sense, there are no right and left sides, top and bottom, center and periphery, they are bottomless. Not a single glimpse of empty space. The paintings seem to start nowhere and end nowhere. This is a clear demonstration of absolute infinity. Perhaps in this way the artist gets rid of his own fear of emptiness.

Even the white color that is present only emphasizes the depth of the paint, layers and streaks of which lead to infinity. The abstract painting of Sergei Motorin leaves no stone unturned from traditional object art, the image, falling apart, mixes into a kind of universal entropy, immerses the observer in the field of color, its depth and shades.

Other worlds created in the paintings by Sergei Alexandrovich Motorin are perceived by the viewer as an image of the boundless Universe, carry away into the unknown, open the doors to the digital future, awaken imagination and fantasy.

Instagram feed

Waterfall between rocks
Trees with snow
Tree buds
Tiger drinking water
Tall well preserved buildings
Sunny beautiful wall
Stereo gear
Rooftop oasis
Rocky beach
Photographer holding camera
Koi fishes