Ice Collection



The universe of cold is majestic and unapproachable. It hangs like a huge uneven block over all living things, trying to freeze, slow down and keep heart for yourself forever in its huge pulsating with icy breath.

Many travelers have set foot on these lands and stayed in the crystal space for centuries. The sedate, thoughtful and regal grace of this world is difficult to change for something else. Endless shapes, curves, interweaves, patterns – the transformation of ice and cold, enveloping random travelers, completely covers, permeates the body, forcing it to become another part of this strange world.

It is worth thinking about something, than drops of thoughts, carelessly released outside across the entire surface of the planet like endlessly echo, repeatedly reflecting, shimmering with bizarre designs and returning to their owner again. The universe seems to say: "Stop, the moments of life are incomparable! Feel them, and then move on!"