Imaginary Worlds



Thought. Where is it born? What is thought? Is it a fleeting grain of reality that visits your mind? Maybe that’s a stratum of everything you have been through imploding into something indescribable in a blink of an eye?

An Idea is ephemeral, elusive, formless. Not here, though…

See your consciousness in its diversity. Alive substance that can become your sweetest desire. Like a genie from the lamp but this time you are not limited with only 3 wishes.

Anything you want is possible.

You are not system-bound. Your mind now has absolute freedom. It’s so fragrant that you could probably feel sickliness. You create your own reality. Fort of happiness that is unapproachable for sorrow and problems.

Maybe you want to enter the infinity? A leap of faith into the flow of everything and, at the same time, nowhere? All of this is real just like the air you breathe, freshness of water in the riverside, sun-shining on a decent day.

A dream, a vision, an illusion - there are lots of names. Categories you think with do not matter. It is all true. Resign yourself to the total permissiveness.