You stop movement. You freeze at the threshold ... Nothing happens. Only a nervous, slightly tense expectation. Presentiment of movement. You are all the embodiment of the energy condensed at one point.

It is impossible, absolutely impossible to give an outlet to everything that is embodied in you - from the fingertips of the physical body to that colored aura that protects you. Hurry up and tear it apart. Cut to pieces ...

And so you enter this new world, into an unfamiliar space, slowly and carefully. But once you step, you can't go back to the linear flow of time.

Step over the threshold and you begin: very quietly - pianissimo and very slowly - largo, smooth legato.

You should not be heard, noticed, felt ahead of time. You did not come to this space to get used to it, you came to change, break, make a revolution!

Matter is scattered. She has not yet felt your presence, does not see, does not feel, is not afraid of change. This Universe is still in itself.

But what is it? You are a maestro, you are a virtuoso who has entered the unknown. Smooth crescendo - amplification of your sound, your color, your action. And now the world responds - it outlines your body with boundary lines, throws out clots of protective substances, "tries your teeth" with flashes of light, color, its voice amplified in fear.

Jerk. Another jerk. Like a mustang under you - explodes with dark, graphite, almost black anger, scarlet hatred.

In this struggle, you get closer - you become one. And tear each other to shreds!

Mezzaforte, forte, fortissimo - the noise of the surrounding disturbed world becomes unbearable. The cannonade of colors and sounds falls in a grandiose staccato, and the rhythm of your movements is already presto.

But this new world, alien universe, incognita space cannot compare with you. The strength of your spirit is all-conquering. Your skill is unimaginable. You are a maestro. You conquer reality, depict it and yourself - every point, every line, every streak.

You have come to make space and time yours. And they obey. Squirming, seething, snapping and wounding. Only in you now the Universe sees its strength, its peace, its future. You and the universe become one.