For hundreds of years, the Intergalactic Empire has been at war with the Republic of Free Planets. The situation was getting worse.

Finally, the Great Emperor announced a general mobilization. The Star Destroyers left their bases and rushed into the border area.

The Republic was quick to respond. Hindering the movement of enemy ships, reality distortion generators were activated. Where, an hour ago, multi-colored stars were shining, dazzling galaxies revolved and burning meteors flew by, a dim gray-green zone of protective fields refracting space was formed. As a camouflage net, it covered the inhabited worlds. Only the brightest star giants shone with dim, crooked yellow spots through this curtain, like lanterns on a foggy autumn night. Peaceful citizens of warring worlds, immersed in gray and hopeless horror, anxiously awaited the outcome.

Only flyers of interplanetary diplomats in white dots, leaving long inversion stripes, circulated between the capitals of the Empire and the Republic ...

- Deal! - everyone was delighted.

With one spurt, the universe has thrown off its veil of disguise. Flickered, shone pink, blue, green, orange and purple stars. There were parades and fireworks everywhere ...

Each side considered itself the winner.

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