Collection of Cracked



Perhaps, they all actually cracked from glut. Each in his own way. Mostly from an excess of strength, overfilling, and desire.
They aspired to absorb the objects of their desires entirely. Consume them without a trace.
Not just to get and get enough, but to destroy it for the rest of the universe, thereby violating its laws.
And the universe responded to them.
A black rider on a blue buffalo was blown to shreds.
An overripe tomato cracked, followed by a watermelon.
The shell that hid the chicken cracked, and everyone was convinced that it was alive and well.

Rock-n-rolla, who considered himself either a liquid stone or mercury, and turned his body into a chemical laboratory, cracked. Human, as confirmed by experiments.
The brush in the artist's hands cracked and broke. After all, it was required to convey too much and unusual for it as an instrument.

Living cells in the ocean cracked, starting to divide.
The firmament of heaven cracked above the clouds and a rainfall began.

Everything crackled in different ways, loud and silent, fast, and slow, fun, and tragic…
This fate, like a carousel, overtook everyone who could not share their power or did not have time to throw it out.