Dream genesis



Sometimes it is vague or unclear... fun, gloomy, or colorful... whatever mood accompanies it – the Dream genesis. Numerous images, from small to large, of dreams are both mercantile and small, or may be so large that they begin to lose their contours and borders. There are many dreams, but what is their common value – of the Dream genesis?

They relate to the desire that the Creator could fulfill. Without the images of dreams, it would become completely unclear how the realities from this and that side are connected.
Someone would go crazy, and someone would evolve back. They are like drawings on a glass roof, helping to define where it is situated.

Most of them are not expressed, but even this fuss of the imagination, trying to form an image of a dream – is already a movement and a message, already a connecting thread.

A dream is born in consciousness or out, and already the consciousness is immersed in a dream like a Pooh bear in a barrel of honey?

There are things that no one could come up with… You can't invent space... can't to invent a black hole... not to invent Jesus Christ, the Prophet Muhammad, or the Buddha. No one can do it. But at first the dream announced the cosmos, and only then scientists discovered it, and people talked about Jesus Christ before he appeared.

Where does consciousness find a dream and how? And is it exactly a dream?