Express canvas



“Don't worry too much,” said the angel: we’ll all be there.

- Nobody worries - I lied and looked around.

Around, as far as you could see them, unrealistically steep landscapes swam over each other.

- Where I am?

“You're asking the wrong questions again. However, you have asked them all your life. Come up, I'll show you everything. - he held out to me a shining palm, and the snow-white wings behind him fluttered.

We went and the views gave way to views, landscape to landscape, bright colors dull and gray. I did not understand what was appearing and disappearing in front of me, and the messenger of heaven was in no hurry to explain anything. Finally, after torturing me to his heart's content, he began like a tour guide:

- You probably already realized that you got here after a certain event. - he delicately cleared his throat: Now the question is being decided what will happen to you next. Dark colors, black dots and lines - these are your deeds and thoughts that were mistakes and brought evil. Bright and cheerful - good. And gray is neutral - you didn’t do good, but you didn’t hurt anyone. If there is more dark, then, sorry, we part. If light and joyful - welcome to my world!

I tensed. In front of me, replacing each other, floated pictures, behind the colors of which, I already guessed the events and actions that happened in my life. Here, dotted with white dots, an almost graphite cloud swam, and now the white snow was covered with coal dust. But yellow and pink waves shook a hideous, terrible spot on themselves.

I was already completely desperate, but the pictures suddenly changed. Now the green of the forest gave way to the yellow of the meadow, and the blue surf merged with the blue of the sky. And terrible outside, but kind creatures floated towards me ...

- Scared? - the angel laughed. Do not be scared. You and I will not part.