Explosion of life



Days go by without bringing anything new. It seems that everything has already been studied and revised, played to death and described in the smallest details. Nothing else is going to happen and nothing is going to surprise you anymore. And at the moment when you are already at the bottom of despair and boredom, you suddenly become a witness to the explosion of life.

It's so bright and full of colors that your eyes blink. The outlines of all emotions and feelings, fleeting sensations and sounds are guessed in it. It smells like your favorite flowers, but if you sniff, you will also distinguish the smell of tea with lemon and fresh pie. It makes you fall in love with yourself. And finally you feel that you are coming to life.

The explosion of life does not happen every day and it is a great success to witness it. This means that a new stage in life begins – it is something you’ve been waiting for really long time. This bright and energetic flare should not be missed. That’s when talented person become a genius. Prepare all your grand plans, remember everything you dreamed about - soon your wishes will come true.

This collection consists of two series of works painted on green canvases in the summer of 2017.
The FIFA World Cup took place and I played PS3 FIFA with the kids.
It was very sunny and fun. Nice to remember.