Lightning drawing



On this small planet, lost in the depths of space, not a single person has ever been. The inhabitants of the Earth are not even aware of its existence. A telescope has not yet been built that can detect it among stars, black holes, meteorites, comets and cosmic dust.

But the Earth is extremely popular with the intelligent inhabitants of this world.

The fact is that it is inhabited by intelligent lightning. Their favorite pastime is to observe people and animals, imitate them, laugh at them. They even host special competitions. The winner is the lightning that most similarly and funny depicts the inhabitant of our planet. During these contests, lightning strikes paint whimsical colorful pictures in their skies.

Here is an earthly car driving along the road, here is a snail crawling or a flower with a yellow core and red veins grows. A jellyfish is floating. A multi-colored bat is flying.

But more often than not, intelligent lightning copies people and their habits. Customs. Rituals.

The orange man sits in a pink chair. The girls are dancing. The boxer sticks out his tongue. A multicolored and excited lover gives a flower. The yellow haired rock star sings. The smoker, gray with nicotine, smokes a pipe.

This is how they laugh at us. And we don’t know.