My Imaginarium



Imagination is like a deck of magic cards: every day is different and fantastic. If you listen, if you touch the subtle, slightly tangible magical world with your fingertips, then bizarre shapes and pictures that are accessible only to us - their creators, these flash and go out in your eyes.

Today, the card sparkles with rays of inspiration, shimmers with flashes of movement, beckons, excites…
And check it out tomorrow: the card is already another - more gloomy, conscious…
There is no sparkle, chaoticness in it. Only strict order and reason: without emotions, without a blinding desire for success at all costs. The world of precision, formulas and logic - everything turned upside down, everything was transformed in just a moment.

The cards of the unconscious and the imaginary are always different. Take a closer look, immerse yourself in yourself… What worries you, what does not allow you to become free with a tenacious grip, what beckons so wildly, but still remains inaccessible - everything is shown by the universe of imaginary cards, everything is on its surface. Consider what excites you, transform the images, bring them to the surface and realize. This is the surest way to harmony.