The universe is limitless. It is full of mysteries and paradoxes. You will find everything in its vastness. And somewhere, in its depths or on the outskirts, the greatest, most beautiful and sweetest illusion awaits you. SOPOR.

Lethargic Sleepy Mysterium. Multicolored visions, colorful hallucinations captivate you, beckon with perfection and variety of shapes and sizes. Your visions are colored in pale blue, lemon yellow, candy pink and light green. You see both barely outlined and absolutely perfect lines. Flocks of snow-white, pink, blue and green birds soar and rise up around. Their movements are light and airy. Fly with them!

It is like an endless dance of light. These are endless meadows of perfect colors, stretching high in the sky. Run across the sky, collect inflorescences, inhale their scent. SOPOR is a mirage and a sweet delusion. The tenderness and taste of marshmallows. Laughter of the elves. An illusion and a reality you forgot. True and fantastic fiction.

This space is only yours. Created by you and for you. A world full of dreams and fantasies. A secret place, a corner of the universe where you enjoy and reign.