Forgotten pantry. Better not to open. Who knows what awaits you for her? Perhaps the very portal to a parallel world that you so wanted and, at the same time, were afraid to get into.

What do these mysterious caked spots mean? Maybe traces of a mysterious crime were hidden here? Or maybe medieval alchemists brewed the elixir of eternal youth and immortality? Did you create the Philosopher's Stone and turn iron into gold?

Look, here is the gilding that is almost not worn out! And here was a retort in which blood-red rubies were dissolved. Even the streaks still remain. On this canvas, once faded in the sun, a fiery salamander ran.

What is this dark green? Remnants of heavy velvet curtains? Or, layered on top of each other, your dreams of eternal summer? A withered, withered burgundy rosebud. What will he remind you of? Lost love in the past?

What is this copper? Is this where a broken jazz orchestra dumped its instruments? Or is it your memories of that same show on a rainy evening? In a bar on the edge of the universe?

Fearfully?! But, if you overpower yourself, move deeper, then maybe, without shuttles and space stations, you can get to other worlds, to other planets.