Well Disposed



Hungry, bright, crazy colors catch your eye and do not let you go until you immerse yourself and merge with this flow of diversity. To feel and recognize that your consciousness is a vessel for the perception of these hectic matters - that is what it means to be here.

One moment you were surrounded by screaming, blinding views, but a moment later this world around you is not recognizable. The feeling that everything around is filled with abundance and the desire to stay here will soon be replaced by a new, dizzying feeling of delight from these beauties. Shape, color, emotion. Everything changes. And everyone. Be careful. Stormy streams will easily take you to a place where you will simply lose your head.

Constancy is not something that can be found here at all. You should not get used to something one so good and pleasant for too long. Remember, the vortex of new emotions will easily tear you away from such an alluring desire to stay in this moment at least just a little more... Don't be charmed, otherwise finding yourself in a new place and seeing a completely different picture, even more explosive and dangerous than the previous one will be too overwhelming even for a trained explorer.